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Space Rail Roller Coaster 231-2 (LEVEL 2)


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Spacerail is a spectacular ball roller coaster that guarantees high-speed action rides consisting of wild rotations, daring loop-the-loops and spectacular swivel motions. These ball roller coasters are an ultimate challenge for teenagers and adult enthusiast alike. Available in different sizes and with different levels of difficulty.

Spacerail Level 2 (Model No. 231-2) is the next level of difficulty for beginners. The Spacerail Level 2 marble roller coaster kit includes everything you need to build according the English instructions or you can challenge yourself and try building your own custom design! This kit provides hours of fun and allows you to stretch your creativity and troubleshooting skills.

Batteries and cutting materials (scissors) are not included in the marble roller coaster kit. Spacerail marbler roller coasters are recommended for users that are 15 years or older.
· 10,000 mm track line
· Two steel .5″ marbles
· Screw Conveyor Elevator
· Arms to place SpaceRail
· Freestanding base to fit entire marble run
· English and Chinese instruction manual